In late 2015, The Late Review website was set up by Chris and Harry, with the aim to be your No.1 stop for all things movie related.

After a couple posts, things fell off from there and it wasn’t until Lloyd came in early 2017 where things really got going.

TLR UK started producing Podcasts and articles, and that’s when we brought Bill in as Sound engineer to make everything feel nicer in your earholes, as well as bringing a fresh horror dimension to the output of the site.

As we continue to work out the kinks and streamline our creative process we build to the goal we set out in the beginning – your No.1 stop for all things movie-related.

We are a West London quartet who aim to give you a different opinion on all things film: opinions, articles, reviews, best scenes, trailers you need to see, picks of the week and so much more.

As we grow we will collaborate, so get in touch if you want to get involved! Otherwise, explore, enjoy, comment, like, share, subscribe and get your fix!