Have You Slept On These Films? – Underrated Series

There are films every year that go ‘under the radar’ or ‘slip through the cracks’, they may not hit it big, but they deserve recognition!

They may already be in your psyche as sleeper hits, or you may just not have got round to them, but in this list we will try to bring back some of these films to the forefront and see if you agree.

Children of Men

How slept on was it? Nominated for awards, but cinemagoers ignored it, with the film not making it’s production budget back

Why watch it? This film is fantastic. Alfonso Cuaron is one of those directors who has been pretty consistent throughout his career and this is no exception. The film, also written by him, explores a dystopian world where a flu epidemic wipes out the young of Earth, and Clive Owen has to transport a woman who may be the key to saving humanity. This thriller has moments that truly make you catch your breath every time you see them, and you are drawn into the landscape by the consistent palette & set pieces, showing you the bleakness faced in this world. There are many twists and turns, navigated by the ever-stoic Owen, and Julianne Moore and Michael Caine aren’t have bad in it either.


How slept on was it? I feel like people think this is one of Tarantino’s worst, but I worry it’s either confusion with Planet Terror, the fact it was meant to be a grindhouse-style film, or that it just hasn’t been seen.

Why watch it? Because its simple, clear, and goddamn effective. Stuntman Mike is a creep, and Kurt Russell does a good job of showing us what he’s like in all his bravado, foot fetish glory. The film is just the perfect amount of over the top, the car chases are shot so well, and the story contrasts between the two groups of girls so well. Also for Tarantino, its pretty short, while not losing any potency. Check it out, let me know what you think.

In Bruges

How slept on was it? While it gained Martin McDonagh immediate recognition, popularity for this film increased years after its release, its somewhat reach cult classic status now. But it makes this list because a glaring amount of people still haven’t seen it!

Why watch it? Because it is the truest definition of a dark comedy . It is hilarious at points but also fucking brutal. The blend is so hard to find and McDonagh is the king of it. The story starts of simple and builds strong and hard to a climax that you don’t exactly see coming (I’ve seen it so many times I can’t remember if I saw it going down like that). It’s hard to describe the film without giving too much away, but the film engages you from minute one to the very end, and we can all appreciate that.




So what do you think, have you seen any of these films? Do you agree that their slept on? What more do you think should be mentioned? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or below!

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