Superbowl Movie Trailers – Were they good?

Yesterday was the Superbowl 52 where the Eagles ruined Tom Brady’s year and we cheered for it! But whether you care about fake football or not, it is a great spectacle for advertising, and within that the movie trailer.

I’m going to bring you the eight trailers, and a brief breakdown on how effective they were.

1. Solo: A Star Wars Story

We finally got the very first footage of the ‘prequel’ film coming in May. Re-directed by Ron Howard and starring Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson, this will be an exploration of how Han became the best smuggler in the galaxy.

Was it effective? They needed to show you the visuals of the film to explain what to expect…but there was very little of Alden Ehrenreich – our new Han Solo, and the only person we need convincing of! Donald Glover as Lando saves this spot: that one shot is epic and keeps your engagement. It did however intrigue me enough to check out the full trailer today, which did not disappoint.

2. Skyscraper

Rocky Maivia is back in another explosion-fire-guns-action romp saving family and murdering brehs.

Was it effective? This is Die Hard, with a pinch of Towering Inferno and a sprinkle of Skyscraper from 1996 (w/Anna Nicole Smith). It looks alright, and its nice to see Neve Campbell again. I think this trailer sells what the film is, and I don’t think its anything special. Rampage is the Rock vehicle I want to see this year, so this film, like the trailer could fall by the wayside.

3. Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton star in the double agent/triple agent/espionage thriller where intrigue and double crossing may happen.

Was it effective? Jeez, I don’t know. This film is either going to be absolutely terrible or a brilliant mindfuck, and this spot makes me think it looks terrible. The delivery and the editing make me inclined to think she’s a triple agent, where only she will walk out of this okay and that doesn’t interest me in the slightest. It’s leaning towards being very play by numbers and I really hope I’m wrong.

4. Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers 3 innit. Thanos and that.

Was it effective? If I’m perfectly honest the Twitter lead up assembling the Avengers on their timeline was what made this next level. As a fanboy I have watched this frame-by-frame and that’s why I love it! Props to the new Iron Man suit, whatever the fuck is on Caps arm, and Thanos looking a little more purple. Vision’s bits fuel my theories but I won’t deep dive here. I think effective for those already interested, but if you don’t know what’s going on (like most Superbowl viewers), I don’t think this was that great.

5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return to the world of Jurassic, and Jeff Goldblum is popping by as well. I guess what more do you need?

Was it effective? Ah man, its just same shit different day. Like I hated the first trailer, but at least it wasn’t a carbon copy of the first film (just a shit disaster film). This time they unveil the Indoraptor (a name that I have gleaned from the board behind Toby Jones) and I am so not interested why bother writing anymore.

6. A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski star in this terrifying looking flick about monsters that hunt you by sound. Krasinski’s sophomore directorial effort looks interesting.

Was it effective? YAAASSS…I love how strong a push this film is getting, I want to see it so much!! This spot doesn’t do much for me but I think it would be very effective for those who don’t know this film is coming. Go and enjoy the marketing for this film, it doesn’t give too much away but builds a strong level of tension while giving you no story but clear premise.

7. The Cloverfield Paradox

The next installment in the Cloverfield extended Universe. There were rumours Paramount were shopping this to Netflix…guess it was true. Starring Chris O’Dowd, Daniel Bruhl, David Oyeluwo and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Was it effective? Not one but two trailers, and you sit there and wonder why you spend an approximate $10million dollars on those spots…and its because THEY’RE DROPPING THE MOVIE AFTER THE GAME HOLY SHIT! I think that’s what made it effective: you have 111 million eyes on your product, you get people intrigued maybe even hyped, and then they don’t have to wait, it’s right there on their Netflix account ready to go worldwide. That’s some goddamn effective marketing guys, fair play. For me, I will be putting this film on as soon as I release this piece, as my intrigue is high.

8. Mission Impossible: Fallout

Tom Cruise’s vehicle to get free personal trainers and get his thrills for free. Chris McQuarrie back directing, as well as Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan and Ving Rhames. Also joining the crew Henry Cavill and Angela freakin’ Bassett!

Was it effective? DING DING DING, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. Ladies and Gents, this is you Superbowl Movie winner. You spend a lot of money putting your product out there for the Superbowl, so you have to create a campaign that is effective, communicates everything your product is about and stands for and engages the consumer enough to want your product. This is what this trailer is about: jump cuts, action after action after action, comedy, characters, epicness. But, not given too much away (cos we haven’t seen Michelle Monaghan yet). Where do I sign?


So there we have it, all of the Superbowl Trailers in one place!

Which was your favourite? Were they better than the game?

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