Trippy Thrillers, Quirky Horror and Sexism! – Trailers You Need to See

As DJ Khaled would say “Another One!” (never thought I would quote Khaled in a post…), but welcome to Trailers You Need To See!

So if I’m honest, the month I’ve been off has been great for trailers, so I’ve strategically broken them up so that each gets their fair amount of highlighting.

These are the more niche, genre driven films that could be really interesting…or goddamn awful! But watch the trailer see if you agree and keep an eye out! Without further ado…

Each time I lay out the most intriguing, necessary or just plain awful trailers you may not have noticed yet – from wannabe blockbusters to budding indies, documentary to drama, the western nations to the east I will try and capture a quick, unranked, snapshot of what you need to see! 

First Kill

Hayden Christensen gets another shot at fame, yay! Look this trailer is great because its gets me engaged with the story, the fucker stole Hayden’s son after the family nursed him back to health! A negative, it might’ve shown a bit too much, but we wont know until we see the film. Also, Bruce Willis actually acting is nice unlike jut turning up in “Once Upon A Time in Venice”. When do we get it? Dunno yet, this kind of cropped up out of nowhere so once its shopped I will update you.

My Cousin Rachel

Fuck me this is trippy, am I drinking the tea too? Or is there nothing in the tea and she’s the innocent one? WHAT SHOULD I BELIEVE?? Sam Claflin plays a mug who falls for his cousin’s widow (Rachel Weisz) I guess…I’m not sure, all I know is I like it! When do we get it? It’s already out! Catch it in Cinemas now! 

Battle of the Sexes

The trailer that was pulled minutes after its release, and I don’t know why? It looks great! This important story for Tennis being portrayed but Academy level actors in a captivating and thought provoking way. You will enjoy this film, trust me! There’s another trailer on IMDb if you aren’t sold by this well rounded piece. When do we get it? 20th October

Happy Death Day

This fabulous Groundhog day of horror really really excites me. I enjoy original concept horror flicks but I’m also a sucker for the Scream-esque slasher parody, and this tows the line very well. its shot really well and the montage helps nail the plot home…one may worry it shows to much, but we could simply get a montage in the film too, so we will wait and see. When do we get it? 20th October, same as Battle of the Sexes


This fresh faced and fancy free remake of the cult classic, the trailer is effective. It made me turn more lights on in my room! I haven’t see the original, so this shit me up really good: the music in the trailer is powerful and the jumps are hopefully only the tip of the iceberg. I hope it all goes wrong quickly in the movie and Ellen Page reveal is max half way through, because this could be the next Lights Out. When do we get it? 29th September

Goodbye Christopher Robin

This is super cute, the narration is nice (who’s voice is it, I recognise it?) and it gets me excited for the movie…kind of. I don’t know the point of the film, is it just watching AA Milne write Winnie the Pooh? Because who wants to see a film about a man’s happy life and successful job? Does he write Pooh as a recovery mechanism for PTSD? Because that would intrigue me. I need trailer two to tell me more! When do we get it? 29th September, same as Flatliners (How did I pick so many similar release dates??)

Quick note: I did have Jungle on here too, but the trailer got pulled from YouTube so here’s a link to its IMDb page instead…looks really interesting!

So that’s my list!

Do you think I missed anything out?

Did I neglect any movies?

Tweet me @thelatereviewuk and if I get enough responses I’ll make a Commenter edition!

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