Trailers you Need to See – Summer Sleeper Edition

Each week I lay out the most intriguing or necessary trailers you may not have noticed yet – from wannabe blockbusters to budding indies, documentary to drama, the western nations to the East I will try and capture a quick snapshot of what you need to see! 

NB: These are not ranked, and the number of trailers will vary week-to week.

You want trailers, well we’ve got some! Welcome to the TLRUK weekly segment, but this week with a spin on the classic format. It’s been a quiet trailer week, only one worth mentioning that hasn’t already had a trailer/isn’t a blockbuster, so as well as highlighting the festival darling I get a chance to bring what could be the sleeper hits of this Summer. So lets begin!

An emotional piece written/directed/produced and starring Zoe Lister-Jones, Band Aid follows a couple who constantly fight, who turn to starting a band and writing songs to save their marriage. It looks deep, it looks clever, it looks funny..what more do you want? When do we get it? Looks like a VOD release scheduled after its Festival run, so by the end of August.

A Look Forward to the Summer: Gifted

I loved this trailer the first time I saw it, its warm, its strong and it asks a question of whether there is a right way to nurture. “Gifted” follows Frank (Chris Evans), a single man raising his child prodigy niece until he falls into a custody battle with his mother. Strong cast, deep premise…I hope this takes off over the summer.

When do we get it? 16th June. Sleeper Grade: B- has a strong possibility of coming second in the box office opening weekend (The Mummy comes out the week before), and hopefully can hold screens until my next sleeper snaps loads up a couple weeks later.

A Look Forward to the Summer: Baby Driver

Two words: Edgar Wright. The man who made you the Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead>Hot Fuzz>The Worlds End) and pushed Ant-Man into your lives (but then left the project) brings you his next story. Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a getaway driver who finds himself taking part in a heist that is doomed to fail. This cast is strong, it shows the power Wright has with his storytelling. This is also quite a standard premise, but it looks like the use of music, and the subtle character development will lead this to a satisfyingly different conclusion.

When do we get it? 28th June. Sleeper Grade: A+ Look, Edgar Wright’s movies have never really made any money in the box office; they make good money here in the UK but they need more than us to make a real profit. This cast will break that duck. And the premise will have legs.


A Look Forward to the Summer: The Book of Henry

This trailer comes at you out of left field. You think you’re watching another trailer like Gifted then BAM! I get you with a waaay more serious plot turn. Everything about this movie seems precise, seems thought out and I am really interested to see where this goes. Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed, Jurassic World) breaks up his foray into the blockbuster world (he’s directing Star Wars: Ep 9) with something dramatic and goddamn clever. Can’t wait for this one.

When do we get it? 23rd June. Sleeper Grade: C+ It’s out the same week as Transformers, and Hampstead. If it can’t fend off the later it won’t get traction even though its a really interesting plot line.

‘A Look Forward to the Summer: Captain Underpants

Yeah! Great cast, really cool animation style, plot seems like one that will make the parents chuckle, and kids will love the title! This makes the list because I think this is the only rival for Despicable Me 3 this summer. The Nut Job 2, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3, Rock Dog, The Emoji Movie, Cars 3 and maybe Transformers/Spiderman are your other options parents. Okay so I might be neglecting Cars 3 a little but I think this has a great chance of being the UK’s 2nd biggest kids film of the summer due to its uniqueness and mass appeal. When do we get it? 28th July. Sleeper Grade: B

So that’s this week’s list!

Note: There are a couple I left off this list that could be big sleepers too (here’s looking at you Atomic Blonde & Colossal), but I’ve already shown you the trailers for those so I won’t put them up again.

Anything else you think could be the sleeper hit of the Summer?

Did I neglect some movies from this week?

Tweet me @thelatereviewuk if there’s anything I’ve missed!

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