4 Trailers you Need to See from the Past Week (…and one more for good measure)

Each week I lay out the most intriguing or necessary trailers you may not have noticed yet – from wannabe blockbusters to budding indies, documentary to drama, the western nations to the East I will try and capture a quick snapshot of what you need to see! 

NB: These are not ranked, and the number of trailers will vary week-to week.

Chris here! How’s your week been? Seen any trailers? Not to worry, I’m here for you! Look, I’m not going to lie to you, we’ve had a more fruitful week than last, but there’s been a lot of stinkers that I have no plans on bringing to your attention. We do have some really exciting pieces and some possible indie darlings, so without further ado, lets begin!

  1. It Comes at Night

One of the most highly anticipated horror-thrillers gets a full trailer. Whatever you do, Don’t. Open. The. Door. As an unnatural threat terrorizes what looks like a large forest, Joel Edgerton and his family are put to the test when a group of random people seek refuge in his desolate cabin. Wow am I excited for this, a horror that I might actually have the balls to see in the cinema.  Brought to us by A24, a company that has been picking diamonds to develop recently (The Witch, Green Room, 20th Century Women, Moonlight) this movie intrigues me, terrifies me and excites me. When do we get it? Not sure. Its gained some real traction at Overlook Film Festival this weekend, with wholly positive reviews, expect a UK release to be announced soon, maybe the end on June if we’re lucky.

2. Colossal

Look I know this isn’t the first trailer, but I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to bring this to your attention. This film is such an interesting concept, feels fun yet more than just a surface piece and with a great cast that help make this ludicrous concept feel all the more real. Anne Hathaway plays Gloria, a woman who basically learns that she is somehow connected to a Kaiju wreaking havoc in Seoul. I’ve heard this movie be described as an action-comedy-scifi-drama so I can’t wait to see it! When do we get it? 19th May. I know, only two and a half weeks to wait!

3. Tatara

So this looks pretty cool. I’ll set the scene: you’re in 16th Century Japan, your town is literally named for its blacksmith proficiency and quality of steel, you to become the next Murage (Master Blacksmith), and you’re like nah, I wanna be a Samurai. But then you’re torn between the fact guns area thing now, someone needs to protect your town from rival clans, and loads of people want to double cross you. How do you win? If that picture I painted intrigues you Tatara Samurai is the movie for you. When do we get it? I mean honestly, it will never get a cinematic release here. But it does have Film Festival prowess, so maybe a streaming service will pick it up.

4. The Big Sick

I love Kumail Nanjiani. Ray Romano is eternally in my good graces. Holly Hunter is Mrs Incredible. Zoe Kazan plays the indie darling very well. What else do you need?? This movie looks like it will have a mix of cultural tropes but also relevant tinges of awkwardness. Written by Nanjiani and Emily Gordon this feels a lot like Master of None, but more romantic and Pakistani not Indian. Fun Fact: Adeel Akhtar and Bo Burnham will also be in this…but you probably had guess Adeel was in this because he’s in the trailer. When do we get it? 28th July. Hopefully a fairly wide release.

BONUS: Beatriz at Dinner

So The Big Sick got me thinking about cultural differences, and reminded me of a trailer that i missed of the first post (because I saw it after publishing). This is thought provoking, squirm-inducing film around race, values and ethics. John Lithgow looks like he gives an amazing performance matched by that of Salma Hayek’s. It bothers me a little they felt they needed to dull Hayek’s look to strengthen the character contrast, but the dialogue in this trailer makes me think this is a movie we need right now. When do we get it? Hoping for a wide release late June, after it finishes the festival rounds.

So that’s this week’s list!

Do you think I missed anything out?

Did I neglect some movies from this week?

Tweet me @thelatereviewuk and if I get enough responses I’ll make a Commenter edition before next week.

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