2 (…well 5) Trailers you Need to See from the Past Week

Each (hopefully) week I will lay out the most intriguing or necessary trailers you may not have noticed yet – from wannabe blockbusters to budding indies, documentary to drama, the western nations to the East I will try and capture a quick snapshot of what you need to see! 

NB: These are not ranked, and the number of trailers will vary week-to week.

I’m back at it again Ladies and Gents, time for your weekly update! And boy have we had a shocker this week. Other than the blockbuster of a Kingsman trailer there are only two other of note that are of note that you may have actually missed, so let’s get right to it!

  1. Wakefield

I really like this trailer. I really, really like the look of the film. A husband gets tired of suburban life, gets to see what happens if he goes missing. Thoughtful, emotional and I don’t know where it will end. A must see in my book…if I can find it. When do we get it? Its got a VOD release scheduled for the end of May, if that is North America only, I don’t know. Assume you’ll be streaming this one.

2. The Beguiled

Sofia Coppola directs a Drama-come-Thriller set in a Civil War era Girls school, and Colin Farrell is up to no good. While Coppola can be hit or miss, this trailer intrigues me. Not much changes between this one and trailer 1, except maybe this one goes too far. But there’s enough depth of story and talent there to keep me interested. When do we get it? 14th July, unless you can get tickets to Cannes Festival next month.

So those were the two worthy of note this week that you might have missed…BUT TWO TRAILERS DOES NOT AN ARTICLE MAKE!! BONUS TRAILERS COMING AT YA!

These are ones that dropped before I started writing these; trailers that you neeeed to see!

Atomic Blonde

Watch it. Watch it now. Stop reading and watch it now. (If you can’t watch the Red Band, here’s a link to a unrestricted).  Charlize Theron is a BADASS. From one of the guys that brought you John Wick, and who is about to bring Deadpool 2 comes an undercover MI6 agent sent to Berlin to invetigate a murder. I. Cant. Wait. When do we get it? 11th August, could be a summer sleeper hit.

All Eyez on Me

Biopic about Tupac Shakur, and the guy playing him is basically the second coming of the famous rapper. It’s got the same guy who played Biggie in Notorious reprising his role, Lionsgate just came on as a theatrical distributor, and Danai Gurira doing her best Viola Davis impression (she is not old enough to play 2Pac’s mum!). Of course there are some doubts with the directing & writing teams, with there inexperience of making hit films, but worth keeping an eye on at least. When do we get it? 15th June…or the 30th June, there are two UK dates listed on IMDb. I also assume a VOD release by at least August, so maybe wait til then.


Well I just shit my pants….        They nailed it with this trailer (pun intended). The slideshow machine, the sewer drain, the balloon, the fucking ending man! They’ve taken what Cary Fukunaga built (original director but also helped adapt the screenplay), added a solid horror director in Andres Muschetti and created the next big horror hit (and we’ve been in a bit of a purple patch recently anyway). I can’t wait to not view this in the cinema because I’m too scared to go and see it! When do we get it? 8th September, positioned there to take advantage of the lack of competition so expect it to make a killing. Or possibly move a week later, so that it has the legs to last until Halloween.

So that’s this weeks list!

Do you think I missed anything out?

Did I neglect some movies from this week?

Tweet me @thelatereviewuk and if I get enough responses I’ll make a Commenter edition before next week.

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