6 Trailers you Need to See from the Past Week

With the constant movie merry-go-round run out of Hollywood it is almost impossible to keep up with all the films being released soon – so that’s where we come in!

Each (hopefully) week I will lay out the most intriguing or necessary trailers you may not have noticed yet – from wannabe blockbusters to budding indies, documentary to drama, the western nations to the East I will try and capture a quick snapshot of what you need to see! 

NB: These are not ranked, and the number of trailers will vary week-to week.

1. The Bad Batch – Jason Momoa, Keanu Reeves and Suki Waterhouse in a dystopian survival/love story. Need I say more?

Feels like a Mad Max B-Movie, so worth a shot if you like something out of the ordinary. When do we get it? No UK Release scheduled yet but I’ll keep an eye out.

2. American Assassin – Tragedy leads a college scholar to become a counter-terrorism agent and avenge those lost to him.

Dylan O’Brien continues to grow as an actor and Michael Keaton looks to continues his stellar form. An intriguing concept that they might just pull off. When do we get it? 15th September 

3. Detroit – Kathryn Bigelow tackles an event once said to be the closest America got to a Civil War, since the Civil War.

For such a deeply American story its the talented British players that get me the most excited for this: John Boyega, Will Poulter and Hannah Murray feature prominently in this trailer. Also Eazy-E (Jason Mitchell) and Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) are in this too! When do we get it? No UK Release scheduled as of yet, but most likely to land in the September-October window

4. Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Look I understand this is a 15 second tease, but bloody hell it’s great!

Okay…so I’ve really nerded out on you with this one, but this tells you LOADS about the film (if you pause it and dissect it frame-by-frame that is). It tells us the name of Julianne Moore’s character, to expect appearances from Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges, Mark Strong is back as Merlin, Pedro Pascal using a bullwhip in a pub, Statesman and its importance, Poppy Land, Poppy Pharmaceuticals, Michael Gambon replaces Michael Caine and that’s its A PROPER SPY MOVIE. Granted, a lot of that is on IMDB, but still This. Is. Great. When do we get it? 29th September

5. The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Just…watch the trailer. (Warning: super sweary)

Ryan Reynolds just taking the piss out of Samuel L. Jackson and The Bodyguard to be honest. Also SLJ going for the world record “Motherfucker”s in a movie ever. What’s not to love? When do we get it? 18th August

6. STEP – Documentary about a high school step dance team from inner city Baltimore

Something different for the weekend. About the importance of school, family, race, privilege and the outlet that Dance can give an individual. When do we get it? Honestly it only just got a US date, I expect we’ll get it on Netflix or some streaming service come the New Year.

So that’s my list!

Do you think I missed anything out?

Tweet me @thelatereviewuk and if I get enough responses I’ll try and do a Commenter edition before next week.

PS: I DID NOT FORGET STAR WARS….it just if you haven’t seen that already you’re living under a rock! I shouldn’t need to link it for you!

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