Superbowl Movie Trailers – Were they good?

Yesterday was the Superbowl 52 where the Eagles ruined Tom Brady's year and we cheered for it! But whether you care about fake football or not, it is a great spectacle for advertising, and within that the movie trailer. I'm going to bring you the eight trailers, and a brief breakdown on how effective they … Continue reading Superbowl Movie Trailers – Were they good?

Off the Cuff – Episode One

A new addition to the TLRUK Network, Chris and Eric talk candidly about the Grammy Noms, making predictions and hot takes, then move onto the Awards season and the validity of some shows. Like & share and if there's any topics you think they should discuss let us know @thelatereviewuk

Blair Witch: Curse of the Rehash

As an avid horror fan, I decided to ruin my warm summer Saturday night by chucking on a lovely macabre 90 minute scream-fest. With hopes of finding something I hadn’t previously watched, I browsed through the Horror section on Netflix, skimming over the usual remakes, 80s B-line movies, and desperate sequels to see if anything … Continue reading Blair Witch: Curse of the Rehash